Conversation Between Capt Zorro and 5thDragoons

Conversation Between Capt Zorro and 5thDragoons

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  1. Yeah, but around here we don't bid against each other. If you do that nobody will get a good deal, just the guy that has more money than sense.
    I wasn't sure about the "E" on the receiver, looks like it matches the die in my Harbor Freight letter set and you can't tell what it really is with a bunch of white paint in it.
    Capt. Z
  2. You should have hung in there... I only bid 210 & never expected to get it. But now I have a Greek Carcano with a gen-u-ine launcia bombe nose cap.

    I got out bid on 4 other rifles this week... I gave up on this one & went to work with 6 hours left.

    Such are the auctions. ;^)

    Best regards,

  3. Thanks for out bidding me on the Greek Carcano on Gunbroker.. what I get for not sitting at the computer. :^)
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