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  1. OK Tuco:

    For a long time I have been on the search for a tool that is used with the
    Finn made two-speed boosters to tighten and loosen it in the endcap of the
    jacket and to help to trun the flash-hider when changeing firing speeds.
    What did the Finns use with their boosters?

    I have a live, C+R Finnish manufactured Maxim marked on the topcover
    M09/32, 1935. It is constructed slightly, but significantly, differently than the M32/33.

    The interesting bit about the M09/32 is that the other writer's and
    historians on the internet who write aobut the history of the Finnish use
    of Maxims, and the Finnish made Maxims, do not know or acknowledge the
    Do you have any info on the M09/32 models? Any leads on the booster
    tool for the Finn made Maxims?

    Bob Naess
    Black River Militaria CII
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