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    Hi. This is the thread containing pics of the S/42G

  2. Hello

    Hello Mike
    I have just been asked the value of a S/G42 bring back. Its not import marked or duffel cut. The serial number is 9522 k block. The 22 is on just about everything including capture screws, bolt release, barrel bands and the butt stock and butt plate. Weimar eagles on the left and right reciever and barrel. Small Wampt on the bolt body.
    The bolt does not match the rifle but is matched to itself #3503. Thew fonts all look genuine. The rear sight leaf is stamped 22 also K167. Waffenampts on the right side cocking sleeve, I cannot read the numbers.

    The bore is bright and in mint condition, which is surprising as the stock is pretty scarred, but no cracks or signs of sanding.

    Can you give me any idea as to the value of this rifle as I want to purchase it from the vet's son who has no idea as to its value and I dont want to pay to little and cheat him nor too much to stiff myself.

    Regards and thanks

    Barry Bass
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