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    Question Mauser banner/Zastava scope mount

    ALCON -

    I have been doing some "digging through my toy box", and come up with a blue cardboard box marked with a small label: M-98/(null symbol)26.

    Inside is a new Mauser banner marked scope mount that I acquired some years ago during my first "phase" of new M48 collecting. It is the mount some refer to as the "ZRAK" scope mount base; intended for the Yugo M48 series Mausers.

    The details on these mounts are, from what I recall reading/discussing in the past; that they initially were licensed to Zastava in the '70s-'80s for use on their Mauser sporter bolt rifles which were then intended for sale internationally as "low cost" Mauser hunting guns. Over time, apparently after any sort of trademark or copyright lapsed, Zastava (ZCZ?) began milling them without any markings. Eventually, ZRAK, the optics maker in Sarajevo, began making them as well - they either acquired the mounts and milling patterns from Zastava, or something along those lines; and then started marking them with their "ZRAK" logo.

    I added two pics from John Hardin's M48 sniper rifle write-up on the Texas Trading Post site; both photos illustrate the same Mauser banner as is present on the set that I have. One thing Hardin mentions is that Zastava's German distributor Eduard Kettner indicated the "Mauser Banner" marked mounts "are the originals made for Zastava by Otto Bock". Does anyone have any further information or details regarding "Otto Bock"? My "websearch" discovered only that Otto Bock is a well-known German prosthetics firm, founded 1919, currently recognized as the developer of the "C-Leg" (some of us have friends with those legs!)

    Also, there apparently was a Berlin Gunmaker around the turn of the 19th/20th century named Otto Bock; most recognized in shooting circles as the inventor/developer of the 9.3x62mm big-game round.

    Does anyone have any idea if this "Mauser" banner marked mount, which is NIB, could have come from Zastava prior to the ZRAK-built mounts? I wonder if this was simply in ZRAK's stock that had been acquired from Zastava. Or, it is simply just as likely that ZRAK may have located a Mauser banner stamp, and done the markings themselves - concurrent with their own "ZRAK" stampings.

    Thoughts? Corrections? Theories?

    I ask because I simply don't know, and would rather not base all my miniscule knowledge on these mounts from just one or two internet sites and my limited discussions with others.

    Thanks for looking! Adam
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