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    Default ww2 scope

    gents, i need info and value of a meopta lovec 4x scope ,no base. i was told it is ww2 german/czech sniper scope. i'm selling with a rifle and i need to know the value. never used this forum so thanks in advance. boots1

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    Default Meopta

    Picture? Serial number? Any other markings.......?

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    meopta is a POST WAR manufatured scope if it is stamped MEOPTA. they range from serial 221,000-5,000,000 strictly commercial hunting optics only. the scope is czech made with zeiss/Schott glass. they are a very good scope for the time. the only sniper these were seen on were a few 1970's Romanian contract VZ-24 snipers used in the Yugoslavia war, but would have been a "IN the Field job" and even that has no soild proof yet. hope this helps. value is the AVG 225-250. but many slip away for under 200 bucks.

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    Default landlich Model "P" 4,6X

    Gent, Have been looking at a few scopes for my K98 and ran across this one but can not find anything about it. The only markings of the scope is.Landlich Model "P" 4,6X serial # 58319.

    Does anyone know anything about this scope I will attach a few photos of the scope that was given to me by the seller. The quality of the photos are not very good so sorry ahead of time. The scope appears to be made from brass as well as steel. That is all I can tell by it's weight. The places that the finish is coming off it appears to be brass. I cannot say for sure. The only writing that is on it says: "LANDLICHT Model "P" 4,6X" , then a 5 digit serial number below the vertical adjustment, which still works smooth and free.

    If anyone could help I would appreciate it.


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