WTS: 1974 J.L. Galef Folding companion
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Thread: WTS: 1974 J.L. Galef Folding companion

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    I have a 1974 J.L. Galef Folding Companion shot gun single barrel 12 guage for sale, located in pennsylvania 16507, this is in perfect firing order and has been shot very minimal amount of times, bore is very clean and shinny, firing pin near perfect and all other operating parts seem next to new, there is a hairlin crack in the butt stock where it meets the trigger group, but does not affect its function in any way. This was made in italy and imported to the U.S. under the trade name of Eagle Arms, Arms Ammunition and is a full 3" magnum I am asking $175.00 or best offer plus any shipping fees that may apply, all sales transfers must been done legal according to the laws of your state as well as mine. please respond by e-mail to [email protected]
    pictures are here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v691/tjtim/shotgun/

    $20.00 will go to the BBQ SAM fund raiser project once sold..
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    Still open for sale best offer on this one

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