Astra ts-22 parts?
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Thread: Astra ts-22 parts?

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    Hi all, just got my first Astra and it is a ts-22. It came to me with a slight issue, the threads that hold the weight/sights onto the end of the barrel are broken and missing 85% of the threads. I have a plan to repair this by removing the threads completely, re-crowning the barrel and then drilling and tapping the bottom of the weight to allow a set screw (or 2) to hold the weight onto the barrel. Crazy ... yes but I believe it will work 100%. Unless I can find another barrel for it, then I would just replace the barrel.

    I am also looking for a magazine or 2 for this pistol as It is really nice to shoot and more mags means more shooting. Anyone know where they can be found? The mag is very close to my smith and wesson 422 magazines. If it came to it I may be able to modify one to work, but I would rather find correct ones. Thanks for reading! -Ski911
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