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    Gentlemen..& I use this term respectfully.. I have in my possession a [edited by moderator] Swedish made 6.55x55 Mauser (?) bolt action rifle. It has a serial number of HK 94351. On top of the breech, south of the sight, it has the following, below the Swiss flag emblem that I can not duplicate here...."CARL GUSTAFS STADS....GEVARSFAKTORI. ....1917.....
    It also has on the right side of the stock a round brass plate embedded with I.97 and No. 225 stamped on it, with a 2x2 inch range chart in Swiss... So, can someone tell me what I have?
    It is a very accurate shooter.. My range is just 600 yards, so I can't really test it, but it does make the gong ring at 6!! The sights go to 1600 meters, (yds?)...
    My real question is: where might I find a sling and bayonet for it?.. Gunbroker is no help at this point of time and other websites are almost next to useless...
    I appreciate any info I can get..Please feel free to inform and educate this retired and tired jarhead!! I found this piece at a yard sale ($50!) in the strange state of Cal. in the early 90's.. and it has been resting in my gun safe, in a dusty, grimy sort of way, 'till a year before Obamo bin Laden was elected... I've been cleaning and organizing since!!
    Take care, and looking foreward to any and all replies!!
    Mike Shults USMC 1968-1988
    Semper Fi!!
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    Welcome to the forum . First of all , we need to get you straight as to the country of origin !!!!!! Swiss rifles were made in Switzerland . From your limited description , you have a M-94/14 Swedish Mauser carbine , which was made in Sweden . It should have a 17.7 inch barrel . Some have a 1/2 inch extension to meet the 18 inch legal barrel length requirement . The crest is a " Crown over C " , meaning it was made at the Carl Gustaf rifle factory . The initials " HK " in front of the serial number are for the inspector at the Carl Gustaf factory , Helge Kolthoff . The rear sight is graduated to 1600 meters . At $50 , you got a bargain if it has not been sporterized . A mint unaltered M-94/14 carbine can bring $800 at auction . The M1914 bayonet usually sells in the $100+ range for a mint one & are common on GunBroker . The original M-94 slings sell in the $80 to $150 range . See Ken Buch's website under Swedish mauser parts , as he has a used one for $80 . That is a good price .

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