New Unfired DOT 45 K98 Mauser
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Thread: New Unfired DOT 45 K98 Mauser

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    Default New Unfired DOT 45 K98 Mauser

    Today I purchased a "new unfired DOT 45 " #3085 8mm. Full K98 version. Laminated stock. The reciever has Waffen Amts. and the top of the front hand guard has a Waffen stamp with 214---and under that is 237. There is a "C" on the under side of the butt.The front band is stamped but the middle band is milled and Waffen Amped also.The bayonet mount is phosphated. There is a "G" on the stock cross bolt. The rifle shows no sign of reblue. No primer mark on the bolt and the trigger guard is the stamped winter variaty.---------My question is, Is this a Nazi issue or a post war issue? What do I have? Please help. THanks Banjomike

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    Default dot45

    All dot45 rifles are postwar Czech manufactured. The winter triggerguard is the tip off. But it still sounds like a nice K98k. Post some pictures of the rifle.

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    Any Czech lion proofs? My post-war Czech has at least one on the barrel just ahead of the receiver. Seems like I've heard of some Czechs coming through without scrubbed receivers.
    Pics would be a plus!

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    I agree, post war issue. We need pics though!
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