WTS - Browning Automatic Rifle BAR M1918A1 Mono-Pod Stand
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Thread: WTS - Browning Automatic Rifle BAR M1918A1 Mono-Pod Stand

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    I have seen pictures of the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) Mono-Pod and tried to find an original one. After many years of looking, I never did find one. So I did the next best thing, I made some. I used the excellent pictures on page 281 of Jim Ballou’s Browning Automatic Rifle book, “Rock in a Hard Place”. Since I had the exact diameter from the socket in my Browning Automatic Rifle butt stock, I was able to scale the pictures in the book and then made a set of working drawings which I used to fabricate them. Mine are an accurate reproduction down to the snap-ball detent which locks the mono-pod into the stock recess.

    I find the mono-pod is a real aid in shooting, especially to the younger shooters who can’t really handle the holding of the gun. With the butt in the mono-pod, the shooter can concentrate more on the target than trying to keep the stock against the shoulder.

    The original mono-pods were made from steel but, I decided to make mine from brass for several reasons. The cutting tools to cut the required Acme threads are rather expensive (over $100) so I deemed more cost effective to buy the Acme threaded rod and nuts. The Acme threaded nuts were brass and I decided to make the entire body from brass because it has such a nice look to it. Also, since the original ones were made from steel, my brass ones will not be mistaken or “passed off” as originals. Also, I stamped a date in an unobtrusive spot.

    On the original mono-pods, the body was made from one solid steel piece. Turning the brass body from a solid piece would be very wasteful, given the current price of brass as more than half of the price of a solid brass piece would end up as scrap. For this reason I used commercially available brass section very close to the sizes I needed and then silver soldered them together.

    I have made a few mono-pods, which are made for sale. Since I not have access to CNC machines, mine were made individually using my 1945 South Bend lathe. They are $295 each shipped to your door.
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