Which Wolff CZ82 recoil spring?
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Thread: Which Wolff CZ82 recoil spring?

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    Default Which Wolff CZ82 recoil spring?

    I have a 9x18 chambered CZ83 that I got years ago when they still had the round trigger. I love it although the recoil is a litter sharper than that of my Makarovs. I purchased a surplus CZ82 that's in good shape, but it has been fired a good bit. I took it to the range and found the recoil unbearable. It has the worst recoil of any handgun I've ever shot, and I've shot a bunch. From having other CZ pistols, it seem like they come a bit undersprung from the factory to begin with. My guess is that the recoil spring in my CZ82 is way undersprung, worn out, or both. Wolff offers 14.5Lb (factory standard), 16.5 extra power, and 18.5Lb extra power recoil springs. For those who have replaced their CZ82 recoil springs, which one would you suggest?

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    I put the 16.5 extra power spring on mine. I did not find the recoil unmanageable, but the pistol chucked brass into the next zip code. Heavier spring made little, if any difference.

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