Kuharsky Brothers Number 4 Mark 1 mount?
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Thread: Kuharsky Brothers Number 4 Mark 1 mount?

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    Default Kuharsky Brothers Number 4 Mark 1 mount?

    External adjustment mount for a BalVar type scope. This came off a recent acquisition, that had the bore shot plumb out of it. It is a very interesting mount. Anybody know anything about such a critter?
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    Default Yup,.....:)

    I have the original owners manuals for my Bausch and Lomb Balvar 8A scope and the Karhrsky brother (AKA) later bought out by Bausch and Lomb mounts on my Beautiful sporter 1903A3. I can send pics and will photocopy the manuals for you if you need them.......

    They are wonderful,..........if put on right! Not a job for the home gunsmith you need CORECT INDICATING INSTRUMENTS to get proper length and placement of the mounting screws. Otherwise the plunger and clamp on mounts will not hold.

    Very unique, I love the look and the Balvar was THE SCOPE TO HAVE back in the day.

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