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    I have a 1917 German Luger that I want to sell or trade and have no idea of its value. It is in good condition serial#4319 and it has matching number 19 on all visble parts and the barrel and comes with two magiznes but the numbers of the magazines do not match the pistol. The barrel has good rifling with some very light pitting and the pistol shoots quite well with no slop in the action. The bluing is about 85% with wear on the usual areas of the action and muzzel. It has original grips in good condition with no cracks or damage.
    Please help me determine the value of this pistol. I can't seem to attache pictures email me for pictures.

    Thanks in advance,
    Ralph - NH
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    Without pictures, a little more information is needed. Barrel length? Manufacturer? (This is determined from the logo on the top of the toggle.) Any import marks?

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