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Thread: Bobcat 12 ga shotgun load question

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    Question Bobcat 12 ga shotgun load question

    Here's a question for you experienced bobcat hunters, what 12 ga. shotgun shell load do you all prefer to use for bobcats? Would a good turkey load do or how about some steel F shot?
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    The only Bobcat I have taken with a shotgun was at 40 yds with 12 gauge 00 buck. Full choke barrel from a Stevens double. If I remember correctly, 4 pellets hit him at that range and he went right down with minimal damage. I was stalking a sounder of hogs at the time.
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    Default Bobcat shotgun load

    My freinds and I have taken many bobcats with a shotgun as well as 22lr. They go down pretty easy. Most of us use 20ga. with #3 or #4 buck in 3" mags. The 12 ga can be a little hard on the hide but I would still use #3 or #4 buck. You hunting with dogs or over bait or calling? Kevin
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