Thinking of putting a bayonet lug on your Sig556?
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Thread: Thinking of putting a bayonet lug on your Sig556?

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    Default Thinking of putting a bayonet lug on your Sig556?

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    Hm... a Swiss saw back bayonet would look awesome. The Swiss have three models to choose from.

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    A lot of the bayo lug adapters out there for sale are to attach a NATO bayonet,which is a lot cheaper and easier to get than a Swiss one.

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    Robert's SIG Bayonet lug ad on Sturm clearly states......" allows the attachment of most US / NATO (M7, M9 or M11) bayonets. "

    Text from Robert's ad.......

    Posted By: RTG Parts in Peoria/AZ <[email protected]> (
    Date: 10/29/09 12:32

    Bayonet Lugs are not supplied on Sig USA produced rifles. They do however provide a mounting point / round hole type of socket at the bottom of the gas block to attach the lug. The MFI SIG 550/1/2 Bayonet Lug slips into this hole and is held in place by a drive pin / roll pin (included with every lug) that is easy to install. This allows the attachment of most US / NATO (M7, M9 or M11) bayonets.

    SPECIAL NOTE: SIG 556 Rifles & 556 Pistols with Quad Rail Hand Guards that use this same hole / socket as a hanger point will NOT be able to mount this product.

    Retail Price: $26.00

    __________________________________________________ _________________
    NATO Type Lug

    The "Swiss" bayonets are Not US / NATO "Type" ......This is the correct lug for Swiss Bayonets

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    I"d love a 556 but cant seem to find one in my price range.
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