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    Question best hunting loads for CVA Wolf 209 rifle.

    Anyone hunt with a CVA Wolf 209 muzzle loader and if so what type projectile and what type powder do you use? I did use the 295gr barnes bullet behind 100gr. of 777,,,,then I switched to the 245gr barnes bullet behing 100gr. of 777 and did not get as good of accuracy at 100 yards as I did with the 295gr. bullet....wonder why? SEMPER FI

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    Default 209 load

    i will try and help you as much as possible,1st you did not say if you are using powder or pellets.if using powder increase load by 10 grains up to about one twenty.if that did not help then decrease load by 5-10 grains.most rifles weather bp or smokeless have a pet load,yours may be the 295 grain bullet. old semperfi

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