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    Does anyone besides me wonder about the gun that Dr. Spencer Reid carries on the TV show "Criminal Minds"? Dr. Reid is the young nerdy guy on the show. I noticed several months ago that he was carrying a revolver on the newer shows after carrying what looked like a full size Glock in the several previous seasons. I guess it caught my eye because the revolver looks like my favorite, the S&W Model 65 with 3" barrel and round butt, although I have never seen him pull it on anyone. He carries his hip holster in front almost over his fly supposedly so he can walk around with his hands in his pockets. Sometimes his holster is empty. You can Google a lot of blogs that speculate on all this, but there is nothing definitive on why he changed or acts the way he does. I have really gotten into the show and the reruns that are in syndication on the cable channels, and I find myself getting more fascinated with Dr. Reid's gun than the plot of the show.

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    I've not paid attention to his wheelgun, but he needs to get a haircut........

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    This is one of my wifes favorite shows and since she works afternoons I often tape if for her. I occasionally watch it while doing so and while I do not have all of your answers I have seen a few things about Dr. Reid (I notice they make a point of saying doctor so people take him seriously)and his handgun.

    He did start out carrying a Glock. He could not shoot and lost his qualification to carry because his simply cannot shoot. While not carrying he shot a serial killer using the ankle carried mini-glock of another agent. He was captured by a serial killer and tortured (and became addicted to some kind of drug), it was after this he started carrying the S&W which is yes what it looks like to me also. He used the revolver to shoot a serial killer in the first (?) episode of this new season after he was shot in the leg which is why he has been in crutches.

    As far as how he acts, he was raised by a bi-polar mother after his father left, and he is a genius, so he turned out rather odd it would seem.

    Thats about the extent of what I have seen, lol. Its not a bad show really, it can be interesting.

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