That’s right, fellas. From what I can determine and from examining this revolver in my hands, the info from original seller and the current owner, this is a pristine example of an unfired S&W 1917 Army revolver. It's been collected, not shot. As you can also see, the serial number is 165000 which puts it toward the end of the production according to what I’ve read. This is not my revolver but one from a good friend’s collection. He decided he would never shoot it and would prefer to sell it to another collector who is looking for something special.

The barrel is marked S&W D.A. .45 on the left side. As you can see there is also the flame imprint just ahead of the cased hammer. You can also see the buttstrap properly marked and the condition of the wood. There is not one scratch on the perfect blue outside of where the cylinder locks into the frame as shown. The fit and finish on this revolver are perfect. There is no wear anywhere and it has never been loaded with anything upon my close inspection. It has a light coat of what appears to be a thin grease on the cylinder action which comes right off. The barrel is perfectly bright and clear as you might expect.

All in all this is one of the nicest examples of this revolver you will ever find, especially considering that it's over 90 years old!! The price is $1100. And, yes, this is perfectly C&R eligible. He's not considering any trades at this time, fellas. Just an outright sale.

First "I'll take it" gets it, fellas. I’ll ship directly to any C&R (I’m a C&R, too) and/or your FFL. Paypal if you’re sneaky and are willing can pay the extra 3%..... Postal money order and personal checks, too. I’ll ship three days after deposit. We'll split the shipping, overnight, of course.

You won’t find another like this one in quite a while. I’d be happy to respond to any questions regarding condition and am willing to take any additional photos as long as they’re reasonable. I’ll post them up here, too.

Rome aka Cabinetman

You can still see the thin coat of grease at the front of the cylinder action:

Anything that might resemble a scuff is simply fingerprints. Finsh is flawless.

Look at the butt lumber!