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Thread: mauser front sight blade & base question

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    i have 2 turk 98/38s that my grandsons shoot. tolerable for them with older usa commercial-which i can not find for any reasonable price. like most,theirs shoot quite too high to be really useful in teaching sight picture etc. want to go to taller fs blades. have several i got from TN gun parts (i think) for 24/47s (i think). they practically fall thru the dovetail of the turk fs bases. i assume from this a dimensional difference that i was unaware of between gew98 and 98k type weapons. also have 2 very tall angular ones to grind down to desired height-same problem. is what i am seeing usual re dovetail differences? where to get the right ones? TN gun parts not accessible that i can find-any help? thanks.

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    The dovetail dimensions of virtually ALL mausers are SUPPOSED to be the same. You can peen the base over the blade if need-be, to tighten-up the fit. As far as the tallest "pyramid" type blade, you'll want to get blades from a Czech VZ24. These will produce a 100yd. zero on a Turk at somewhere between the 400m and 600m setting of the rear elevator.
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