WTS- Matching duv 41 k98 & duv 44 G.43
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Thread: WTS- Matching duv 41 k98 & duv 44 G.43

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    Default WTS- Matching duv 41 k98 & duv 44 G.43

    I am selling a matching duv 41 k98. All of the metal parts including the bolt in 4 places (striker, root, extracter, safety), barrel, both bands, trigger guard, floorplate, bayonet lug, sights and band spring are stamped matching and correctly eagle-214 proofed. The cupped buttplate is also stamped matching.

    The stock is a byf armourer's stock and as expected has no external proofs or markings other than the byf and hand stamped matching sn on the bottom spine. The handguard is stamped with the serial number in the barrel channel.

    Please email questions to: [email protected]

    Asking $1000 plus shipping. (Price reduced)

    I believe the site hood has been added as the patina does not match.
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    Selling a completely matching duv44 marked G.43. The rifle is completely matching and original. The stock looks like a light coat of varnish could have been added but it does not appear sanded.

    Please email me at : [email protected]

    Asking: $2400 (Price reduced)
    Trigger seems to have a cool field repair. It seems to have a small piece welded on where it may have broker, the 214 proof is clearly there.
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    PM sent

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    PM sent on the duv/41.

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    Sorry about that...will combine next time for sure.

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    Price reduced:

    $1000 on the duv k98
    $2400 for the duv G.43

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