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    First and foremost, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody.

    Now, I'm a big fan of stripper clips, and I've got a 74 on the way, but the cheapest I can find them is $1.60 per, and I'm not that big a fan. Does anyone know where they can be found cheaper?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The AK74 strippers at 15 rounds and easy to load and strip into the 74 mags...,they are the best ever invented. The price is kind of high. Maybe due to all the recent 5.45 weapon offerings. There was a guy on Gunbroker selling 50 strippers and 5 spoons for about $45 as I recall. Do not see anything there now though. You might check GB to see what is offered..

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    Thanks for the help blue, I started searching GB, and was coming up with more of the same; $1.60+ per clip. Not to mention that I don't have an account over there. Then I thought to myself, hey, maybe you should check K-Var? I feel like a jackass for not thinking of it earlier.

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