MG 34 possable SOT build ?? who is the best ???
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Thread: MG 34 possable SOT build ?? who is the best ???

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    Default MG 34 possable SOT build ?? who is the best ???

    Got a DOU 43 MG 34 parts kit, only the receiver was cut. And I don't have the receiver peices.

    Just exploreing my options, I have the resources to go post/SOT or semi

    I have a friend with a SOT and a sherif willing to do ONE letter, so we ( me and my friends) have been looking for a good parts kit so we could get a build done.

    Never thought I would come across a MG 34 , and I don't have/know any body who builds 34s.

    I need it to be a good build , some one who knows what they are doing.

    Any body have any ideas, heard of any body , or better yet has had a good experiance with a 34 builder.

    Thanks in advance

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    As far as the Post Sample, if you're not the FFL/SOT then you can't have it. End of story. As far as a semi build go check out the semi-builders boards online.

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    Try orin hatch in north carloina...he is on try ohio rapid fire...i believe they have semi receivers or 80% receivers...
    If you build a full must be have a class ii license with an s.o.t. To build any mg...only a licensed class ii/ii dealer can posses a mg built after may 1986...if sold? Then the gun must go to another class ii or classiii dealer with law letterhead or government entity...
    You do not have to have a license to build a semi can do that yourself...just make sure you have 14 parts made in the u.s.a. That also means if you modify an original
    part(s), for semi auto use,they become made in the u.s.a. Thats the loophole...because you are manufacturing from scrap metal...

    Happy new year

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    Thanks for the help.

    I will give them a call.

    I know the laws, but in my first post I said I have resources to a SOT ( who will retain possesion of said firearm , FYI almost ALL SOTs didn't purchase the firearms in there possession ) with a guarenteed letter.

    I will put up the funds and provide the parts kit, I don't need an SOT for that. The only thing the SOT is good for is the paper work/possesion

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