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    This is a Winchester Super X Model 1 Full Trap Choke with 2 3/4" chamber. I'm thinking about selling it and need some help coming up with a price. I have done some checking on the internet but can't seem to find a model that matches this one. Did Winchester make this model with a vented forestock?
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    I have owned a few and seen alot and have never seen one with the forend like yours. I can see from the buttstock that it is a trap model. I have shot trap for years and what I have seen trap shooters do to their guns, in the way of modifications to improve their score, is amazing. This is what it looks like what you have. As you can see the barrel takedown nut is missing and doesnt appear to be able to change the barrels. And have never seen a ventalated forend wood on a model 1. This is not saying they didnt but I have never seen it.

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    Judging by the figure in the wood, I would say aftermarket. Maybe Fajen before they folded.

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