Help ID 8mm ammo with no headstamp?
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Thread: Help ID 8mm ammo with no headstamp?

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    Default Help ID 8mm ammo with no headstamp?

    At an estate sale yesterday I found a brass stripper clip (no markings, no dimples, steel spring) loaded with 5 rounds that appear to be 8mm. Brass cases with no headstamp - the primer is flat and there is a circle in the case surrounding the primer. The bullets have a reddish color just above the neck. There were also some fired rounds with 2 flash holes visible inside and a second unloaded clip. Any ideas on what these might be? Thanks.

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    sounds like 7.7 jap WW2 issue

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    If 7.7 Japanese, the cases should be about 1mm longer than an 8x57mm Mauser case. They might also have a slight semi-rimmed feel to the rim.
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    Thank you for the info - looking on the net for Japanese 7.7 ammo I found a picture that tells me that's what I have. If it had been German I'd have a place for it but I'll probably still hang onto it as it seems pretty rare. You never know what you're going to find at an estate sale.

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