M1 Carbine Stock for the Ruger 10/22 REVIEW
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Thread: M1 Carbine Stock for the Ruger 10/22 REVIEW

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    Default M1 Carbine Stock for the Ruger 10/22 REVIEW

    Last week, I was asked to do a review by a member on another forum, on the M1 Carbine stock that he is selling for the Ruger 10/22. I told him I would do a review without any sugar coating, but would do it from four points of view. Two points of view will be by me, as someone who works on stocks and a milsurp collector. The third point of view will be by a friend who collects guns of all types and the fourth will be from my twelve year old son's point of view.

    This is my review as someone who works on stocks.
    The stock I received is one with a dark stain finish. He also offers one with a clear blonde finish.

    The stock is made of a tight grain Beech wood. It has a nice red stain that is sprayed on. The finish looks good but it tends to scratch easily.

    The cut of the stock and the inlay are well done, and the rifle drops into the stock very easily. The only problem I found on the stock that was sent to me is the hole for the action screw was slightly offset, but I was still able to get the screw in place and tighten the action in the stock. The handguard is not as wide as the stock but very close.

    The handguard is held on by a machine screw at the left rear of the handguard. There is a barrel nut that is recessed in the left side of the stock and pinned in place for the screw to secure the handguard to the stock. The barrel band secures the handguard at the front of the stock. The screw and barrel band hold the handguard firmly in place and there should be no problem with it coming off. There is a cutout for the rear sight in the handguard but it's very hard to see the factory sight.

    As someone who works on stocks, I would say that overall, it is a well made stock.

    My review from a milsurp collector's point of view.
    The stock is cut very close to the M2 potbelly stock and from a distance, it's very easy to mistake it for a M1 Carbine. With the rifle mounted in the stock, it feels and points very similar to the M1 Carbine, but is slightly heavier.
    The sling slot and oiler cutout in the buttstock are just like on an original stock and the M1 Carbine Sling and Oiler can be used on a stock.

    There are only three things I find that would not appeal to milsurp collectors is the rear screw in the handguard, the front sling swivel, and the butt plate.
    The rear screw on the handguard is something that can be looked over because it is needed to secure the handguard in place.
    The front sling swivel being mounted in the stock is the one thing on the stock I really do not like. I wish the swivel would've been mounted to the barrel band.

    The buttplate does note look like the original but it is something that I could live with.

    Overall, it is a very nice looking stock. The only way to get a stock closer to the M1 Carbine would be to modify an original stock to fit the 10/22.

    Review by my friend and gun owner:
    My friend, Ken, has been buying guns for a very long time. He does his own gunsmithing and just loves tinkering with guns. I brought the stock and a 10/22 rifle to his house yesterday. Ken looked at the stock and thought that it was very well made. He liked the color of it and said that the blonde finish stock would look very nice.
    I let Ken switch out the stocks which he found was very easy. He said that he liked the way the swing swivel was attached to the front of the stock, and he liked the buttplate. He said the buttplate and the swivel looked like the ones on the AK47.
    Ken pointed out that the barrel nut in the stock that the handguard screw goes into looked a little large and that a smalller one may have been better. He also said that the barrel band had some burrs on the edge that he would clean up to avoid scratching the finish on the stock.
    If Ken had to describe the stock in one word, it would be COOL. Ken said it was a great stock and that he might get him one to put on his 10/22.
    My twelve year old son's point of view:
    My son really liked the stock, and said that everyone should get one. He said it looks just like an M1 Carbine.
    My son is one of those that tells you if he likes or does not like something, there is no middle of the road with him.

    So, all in all I would have to say, that I like this little stock. On a scale from 1-10, I give it an 8
    If anyone would like to get one of these I can get you his contact info.

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    Here is also a YouTube video I did:


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    That's pretty neat. I would have to get a "regualr" 10/22 to convert. How much is it and where do I get one? Also, any idea what one could do to get the sights that look more like the one s on Carbine?

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    I know this is an old thread, But I just finished doing this to my Ruger 10/22, and it turned out fantastic!

    I got the stock/sling/oiler from Sarco. This stock set has the front sling swivel attached to the front band. I got the Tech 200 sights, fake mag extension, and uncut fore-end stock from E. Arthur Brown.

    The factory finish was extremely fragile, and I stripped it off almost immediately, and refinished it with a BLO finish (still have several coats to apply before I call it done). The EAB handguard is made of beechwood, and it appears as though my stock is made of birch (I could be wrong). A repro buttstock mag pouch is on its way.

    Anyways, I think it came out great and I really love the way it handles! Here are some pics- Enjoy!


    Click image for larger version. 

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