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Thread: Top Five Most Rare Guns In Your Collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay View Post
    1) Pre production protype Type 99 Arisaka by Kokura #2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron525 View Post
    I too would like to see that. By pre-production he probably means the Type 99 long rifle. I recently heard of a Kokura made Type 99 long, but I haven't seen pics of it. I own both a Nagoya Arsenal and Toyo Kogyo made Type 99 long and those are hard enough to find.

    I guess I'll add my top 5.

    In no particular order:

    A French Modèle 1936 made a week or two before the armistice and has remained completely unfired since it was prooved at the factory.
    A French Berthier Mousqueton de Artillerie Modèle 1892 Modifié 1916 that was converted from a Carabine de Cavalerie Modèle 1890 made in 1891.
    A Japanese Type 99 long rifle made by Nagoya Arsenal and is the 641st Type 99 Nagoya Arsenal made.
    A Japanese Type 99 short rifle made by Tokyo Juki Kogyo that was made with a previously rejected stock. Has patches in the stock to cover the hole for the cleaning rod button and the holes for the screws and cleaning rod had been filled with a dowels. Still has the inletting for the previous style metal buttplate, barrel bands and sling swivel.
    An Australian Short Magazine Lee-Enfield made in 1915 that went back to Lithgow Arsenal to have a heavy barrel installed for a target shooter and was given back to the state during WWII. It still has the green anti-corrosion paint they would put on under the woodline during campaign.

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    According Roy Marcot in his book Spencer repeating firearms (I'll look up the page numbers) 1109 burnside carbines M1865 were made into two band rifles in 1873 with 1868 cleaning rods and 1868/1870 type rear trap door sights. The carbines were all sent back to springfield with damaged barrels. The fore ends likely came from springfields alteration of the Remington rolling block.
    Mine is one of these. Additional information about these can be found in "The 58 and 50 caliber rifles and carbines of Springfield armory 1865-1872". Page 157. See also, It has a very short description of them.
    I also have a M1860 carbine in 56/50 that was damaged and sent back and upgraded to the M1865, with a sleeve in the barrel and the Stabler cut off but the top is marked 1860.
    As a matter of fact way back when my dad found in shooting times illustrated magazine from 1966 had an article called "shoot that spencer" and showed how to alter the breech block to center fire. My dad bought another breech block from Dixie gun works for 7.00$ plus shipping and my grandfather who was a machinist for Sears and Roebuck made the alteration and I shoot both my rifle and carbine. we at first made cases to shoot it out of .348 Winchester before cases were available.
    Another One i guess I'd list on the outside looking in is my Harpers Ferry model 1855 rifle musket dated 1857. Kind of a hard gun to find, but rare dated 1857.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack57000 View Post

    That's a fairly rare Attachment, congratulations !

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    You guys are the reason why I get depressed. I started collecting while all the good stuff is either already in someone's collection or it's for sale at a ridiculously high price.

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    You guys are the reason why I get depressed. I started collecting while all the good stuff is either already in someone's collection or it's for sale at a ridiculously high price. I do have some nice stuff but none of it can compare to what most of you guys are posting and it truly makes me envious.

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    1908 Uruguay Mauser
    1909 Peruvian Mauser
    Hungarian M.48 Rifle (91-30)
    1935 Brazilian Mauser
    Colombian FN-49

    All in like new condition except the FN-49, but only 1,000 made. All matching and original.

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