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Thread: What aircraft carrier was in Magnum Force?

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    Default What aircraft carrier was in Magnum Force?

    I've always wondered about the name of the old aircraft carrier which served as the setting for the final scenes of the Dirty Harry film, "Magnum Force". Finestkind's posting about the scrapping of the USS Cabot got me to thinking about this. The old carrier in the movie appeared also to be in the process of being scrapped.

    So, does anyone know which ship was featured in this 1973 movie?

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    The two escort carriers were ex Rabaul (which was acquired by the navy after WWII but never commissioned and never saw service of any kind) and ex USS Badoeng Strait. (which was completed too late to serve in WWII but saw action in the Pacific - including combat in the Korean War) Both were scrapped in late 1972 in Beverly Hills CA- information from IMDB

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