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Thread: info on MAB G vs GZ

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    Default info on MAB G vs GZ

    Can anyone shed some light on the relationship between the MAB model G and model GZ?

    I know the G was made in France and was replaced by the apparently very similar GZ. But are there any differences between the two other than minor cosmetic changes?

    I know the GZ was originally made in France, but fairly early on production was transferred to Echasa in Spain. I know the Echasa-made GZ has a steel slide and an aluminum frame. Is this also true of the French-made GZ?

    I have heard it suggested that the model G was an all-steel pistol, and the model GZ an aluminum-framed pistol, and that this is the principal difference between them. But I can't find anything that verifies this.



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    According to Jean HUON :

    The MAB GZ with alloy frame in caliber .22, .25 and .32, was manufactured by MAB between jan 7, 1957 to may 1964, the license being conceded to Echasa, formerly Arizmendi Y Cia, under the name MAB Espanola, then as the Model Fast, and with the addition of the .380 caliber.

    The GZ is a development of the MAB Type G (all stell frame) that was offered in .22 and .32. Both are very uncommon here, and the Type G can be considered as scarce.

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