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    I have a 1942 DOU is that gun called a mauser?

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    thank you for info. regards terry.

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    some other online resource, available now:

    Has books about
    - Swedish Mauser
    - Springfield 1903
    - Mosin Nagant
    - Carcano 91
    - British Enfield Rifles
    - Modern Firearms (6 volumes)
    - Das Gewehr (Swenson)
    - Das Maschinengewehr (Hobart)
    - Waffen-Arsenal
    - lots of Osprey books:
    * Osprey weapon (machine guns, WW2 guns ...)
    * Osprey WAA, Elite, War: lots of books about ancient and up-to-date military units and campaigns

    Scribd offers a 1-month free trial. Afterwards, it's 9$ per month. Download is mostly possible as pdf. Feel free and check it out!

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    A German 1898 manual for Infantry Officers, published by E.S. Mittler & Son, Berlin, includes: 1841 Dreyse, 1871 Mauser, 1871/84 Mauser, Gew. 88, and the 1883 Revolver. Ammunition for these arms is included, as is a table comparing the German rifles to those of France, Austria, Russia, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland. The author is Dithey and the title of the 300+ page manual is "Einjahrige Der Infanterire "; illustrations are line drawings.

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    Upcoming -and very promising- : "FN Mauser Rifles : Arming Belgium and the World" by Anthony Vanderlinden :

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    Uruguay: "Rifle and Carbine Mausser Daudeteau Model 1871-94", 189 pages plus fold-out plates, manual of arms, nomenclature, firing practice all detailed. Yes, "Mausser" is how it is spelled on the front cover. Printed by The Nation Steam Press, 25 de Mayo Street, Nos. 146-154 in 1895. Rare!

    Spain: "Regulations For The Instruction In Shooting The Mauser Musketoon in 7.62mm (transformed from 7mm)", Ministry of the Army, Central General Staff, Madrid, September 1965. Photos of component parts, 1 fold-out plate of complete Model 1916 Rifle, 91 pages plus a listing of other manuals, 7-3/4" x 5", soft cover.
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    Post Zbrojovka Brno, An Illustrated History by Arthur Nutbey

    I wrote and published this 80 page book in October 2015. It is the first illustrated history on Czechoslovakia's famous arms manufacturer Zbrojovka Brno. For further information

    Quote Originally Posted by jebber View Post
    With some of the recents posts I was thinking it might be nice to have a list of books about Mausers. Please add any books I have left out.

    Mauser Bolt Rifles by Ludwig Olson
    Military Mauser Rifles of the World by Robt. Ball
    German Military rifles and machine pistols 1871-1945 by Hans Dieter Gtz
    The German Rifle by John Walter
    Rifle and Carbine 98 by Dr. Dieter Storz
    German Military Rifles Vol. 1 & 2 by Dr. Dieter Storz

    Argentine Mauser Rifles 1871-1959 by Colin Webster
    Crown Jewels The Mauser in Sweden by Dana Jones
    Serbian and Yugoslav Mausers by Branko Bogdanovic
    Mauser Military Markings by Terence Lapin
    The German Sniper by Peter Senich
    Backbone of the Wermacht by Richard Law
    Kriegsmodell by Michael Steves and Bruce Karem
    Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles by Jon Speed, et al.
    The Mauser Archive by Jon Speed
    Mauser Smallbores: Sporting, Target & Training Rifles by Jon Speed

    Some other books a Mauser collector might want to own:

    Small Arms of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 by Ron Bester
    The Imperial German Regimental Marking by Jeff Noll
    Rifles of the World by John Walter
    Hatchers Notebook by Julian Hatcher
    Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World by Stuart Mowbray & Joe Puleo
    Handbook of Military Rifles Marks, 1870-1950 by Noel Schott & Richard Hoffman
    Standard Directory of Proof Marks - Gerhard Wirnsberger


    [EDIT] add some websites

    Mauser Websites Spanish Mausers Turk Mausers Swede Mausers Gew 98 & Kar 98 Mausers Mauser articles @ YCGG

    Other websites of interest Imperial Unit markings rifle slings ISDA Books Mowbray Books DWJ Books

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    You should consider also the following web sites:

    Best regards.

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    Default Paul Mauser - His Life, Company, and Handgun Development 1838 - 1914

    Dear All,
    I would like to introduce our new book on Paul Mauser done with the cooperation of Jon Speed:

    Paul Mauser - His Life, Company, and Handgun Development 1838 - 1914

    Click image for larger version.

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    Please refer to the web site: for more information on the study. In the web site you will find all information to contact the authors and receive a copy of the book.

    The book is totally based upon the Paul Mauser private archive and early Mauser archive.

    Best regards,

    Mauro Baudino
    Mauro Baudino
    Mauser Company and Firearms Historian

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    ESPINGARDA MAUSER M/904, M/904-39, M/937 E M/943
    Author: Jaime Ferreira Regalada
    Oporto, 12/2015

    Note: In Portuguese, but has many photos.

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