rockwoodsteel oesterr.waffenfabr-ges. steyr m 1903 6.5x54 w/scope
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Thread: rockwoodsteel oesterr.waffenfabr-ges. steyr m 1903 6.5x54 w/scope

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    I have a oesterr waffenfabr-ges.steyr m1903 6.5x54 in a nice old dear skin scabord it seems to be all origanal and in cherry condition everything is there as far as i can tell the but plate opens and the cleaning rods are complete with also two rounds in there it is fitted with a scope that looks like origanal equipment the scabord has a seprate compartment for the scope its really a neat looking outfit i'm not a big gun collector or anything like that but i know this one is worth 3,500. -4,000. EDITED. i will try to get some pictures as soon as i can get someone to help me figure out how to get it done i'm not that good with this computer stuff yet eather.
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    here are the pictures of my m 1903 6.5x54 ser #975x.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails HPIM0315[1].jpg   HPIM0335[1].jpg   HPIM0345[1].jpg   HPIM0361[1].jpg   HPIM0362[1].jpg   HPIM0341[1].jpg  

    HPIM0342[1].jpg   HPIM0351[1].jpg   HPIM0360[1].jpg  

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    I have more picks but every thing i tryed to post did'nt come out it has 4-section cleaning rod that fits in there perfictly and 2 rounds i will work on getting some better quality pictures meantime i have about 12 more pictures of this group let me know if you would like to see them. EDITED.thanks rockwoodsteel

    Sorry, rockwoodsteel, use the appropriate forum if you want to sell an item.

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    I suggest you read the forum rules stickyed above. No WTS posts allowed. Post it in the Trader forum.
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    sorry I have know idea what i'm doing . new to this stuff . i'll try to figure it out . hay so mabe if they give you a break from you're little room you could give me a clue. could use any help you could spear. mean while I'll go back to my little un padded RV cause thats where i'm stuck since the divorce
    Thanks, rockwoodsteel

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    Put it in the WTS / WTT Forum at the top of the main page.
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