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    I recently was visiting the recommended builder at Gunboards, Ken Kubin at Global Military Gunsmiting when I ran across a Galil build on the bench that was in the process of being assembled by Ken. The receiver was still in the white and had its markings removed (F and S) and its Hebrew counterparts replaced by Engraving by Angela. In addition the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) military shield was added as well as the Hebrew militray acceptence markings and weapon designation and caliber. The reverse side had the F and S removed from the safety area and the Hebrew selector markings for safe, semi and auto replaced. I was in awe!

    I thought that A) the engraving work was top notch! B) the placement of the original markings in Hebrew was perfect for this gun and the IDF shield was also as it should be. As a collector with more then I care to admit of IDF weapons, the quality of the work and the crispness of the engraving was what caught my eye. I was just struck by how perfect the Galil build would be with the original Hebrew marking in place as the customer at GMG had done. His receiver was an earlier ORF version with the makers info and serial number stamped/etched on the bottom of the receiver in the front depression. The customer had the English F and S for safe and fire welded over and very neatly ground and polished smooth. The Hebrew markings where then replaced. The build was going to be awesome with this look and it had my eye and thoughts.
    Refinished this gun was going to be just top notch.

    My Galil that Ken at Global had built was built using a Century marked receiver that ORF had made under contract. So the large Century marking and information was placed center of my receiver. This created a dilemma. I could have the markings welded over and removed or I could leave them and work around them. My choice was made with two considerations-cost and options. I called Angela and had a great conversation with her. She sent me to her website to look at some options and designs. We spoke about the century marking and she said she had s=done some in the past with the marking by splitting it left and right and moving the marking back about 3mm-4mm to center them about the century marking. She also mentioned that she could incorporate the English F and S into the Hebrew markings to such an extent that wouldn't be visible or almost invisible.

    This was the plan I choose. Keep the century markings-incorporate the F and S into the Hebrew selector markings and not refinish the weapon again to save some costs. I am extremely pleased with the result and with the service and communication that we had between Engraving by Angela and myself. They hold and FFL so shipping was not an issue and the work was performed in a very timely manner. The end result is that my Global built Galil (which shoots great by the way (see the review at the top sticky area.) now looks more authentic and its value enhanced by the addition of the Hebrew markings in my opinion. The cost was reasonable and the workmanship was superb. I would highly recommend that if you have a Galil to build (check APEX for kits) I would go with Global Military Gunsmithing and have the engraving done with Engraving by Angela.

    Angela has done work for several other members and on several other types of weapons from original markings placed back on AK trunnions and side plates to new markings placed for the build of a Tobuk. Or if you choose to simply engrave a name and serial number- they are top notch. A+ and highly recommended. I would not hesitate to work with them again and will in the near future on some other projects I'd like to do.

    Check out their website and give them a call if you have any questions about how and what or price. Be sure to tell them also your from Gunboards.com !

    Pictures of the outstanding work done by Angela on my Galil. My gun was stripped and sent as a barreled action with the stock attached so if you have a already built gun or a gun you bought from Century its not an issue to have this work done. Just strip the rifle down to the barreled receiver and send it over to Engraving by Angela after getting a e-copy of thier FFL. I sent a pre paid UPS label with mine to make it simple and easy to return.

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    I know if I had a Galil I would send it. That looks pretty dam awesome!
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