What is a commercial FN Mauser 98 in .270 worth?
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Thread: What is a commercial FN Mauser 98 in .270 worth?

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    Default What is a commercial FN Mauser 98 in .270 worth?

    I have a commercial large ring Mauser 98 made by FN that I would like to find out how much it may be worth. The caliber is .270 Winchester.

    The markings on the receiver as follows:

    1) Top of front ring has no markings (large ring)
    2) Right side above woodline has "FN" in an oval followed by 1948
    3) Below woodline it says "MADE IN BELGIUM"
    4) Left side has importer name, "FIREARMS INTERNATIONAL Co. WASH. DC."

    There is no cut-out like military receivers, no stripper clip hump, and is drilled & tapped for scope mounts.

    The safety is on the bolt shroud and swings sideways.
    Someone told me the stock is a FAJEN or BISHOP. Whichever one it is I can say the inletting mates to the receiver & barrel very snug. The recoil pad is a Pachmayr "Decellerator".

    The rifling is crisp & the bore is excellent.

    I am interested in selling but I don't want to overcharge and at the same time give it away for a song (and dance).


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FN Mauser 98 270 cal  pic 2.jpg  

    FN Mauser 98 commercial rec 270 cal pic 9.jpg  

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    FN Mauser 98 commercial rec pic 7.jpg  

    FN Mauser 98 commercial receiver pic 8.jpg  

    FN Mauser 98 pic 5.jpg  

    FN Mauser 98 commercial receiver 270 cal pic 6.jpg  

    FN Mauser 98 pic 9.jpg  

    FN Mauser 98 pic 11.jpg  

    FN Mauser 98 pic 10.jpg  

    FN Mauser 98 pic 12.jpg  

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    I recently picked one of these up in .300 Win Mag for around $400 but the stock on mine is not as nice. I can't find any good info on them other than what is found on this board. It seems they go for less because of the Firearms International production. Mine seems to be well worth what I paid. If you decide on a price, shoot me a private message as I was actually looking for a .270 when I found mine.

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    Question still looking.

    THEIR LOGO (fi) in - SEEN THEM AROUND $345 TO $450 OR A LITTLE LESS NEVER UP TO $500. EVEN IF IT WAS A CHECKERED MODEL the sold actions, barreled actions with and without sights acc. to another book i just found.<><DK
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