? on Texas Pawn Shop handgun sales
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Thread: ? on Texas Pawn Shop handgun sales

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    Default ? on Texas Pawn Shop handgun sales

    Currently, do Texas pawn shops sell handguns?

    My father had some problems in Denton Texas in 1917 that resulted in his buying a second hand nickel Colt Army Special in .41 caliber. The pawn shop could not sell it and to get around the law, gave him a 99 year lease on it. I have the paperwork somewhere. I don't plan on sending it back in a few years.

    Are things like this still done in Texas?

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    They certainly do sell handguns. Not sure what the situation was in 1917 but there is a better than even chance the lessor is no longer in business. I guess if they are and they really want their gun back you will find out when the repo man shows up at your door in 7 years.

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    Well, we know that there were no Federal restrictions in 1917, and I don't know what the Texas law was that owulkd have been a problem and since I am not a lawyer anymore, I don't think I want to do the legal historical research that would identify it. Pawn shops have operated under some peculiar restrictions over the years, though, designed to (in theory - in practiceit didn't do much in that regard) keep them from taking undue advantage of the customers.

    In any case, in these days in Texas - if the gun was sold to the pawn shop, or not redeemed so that it was forfeited to the shop, they can and will sell to anybody who can pass the instant check or has his CCW (or, for a gun that qualifies, to anmybody who provides a valid C&R tag). Last handgun i bought, in fact, was from a pawn shop. In Texas, where i live.
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