Model 1911 Victoria Patent, cal. 6,35
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    Hello to all,

    I have just acquired a pistol reportedly made by a Spanish manufacturer, maybe Astra. The two lines legend on the left side of slide reads: 6,35 Model 1911 Automatic Pistol/Victoria Patent. On the barrel, as seen from the ejection port, there is a proof mark: a crown over PG and the word "Hope" on the chamber. "Victoria" appears also on the black rubber panel grips with a logo hard to figure out, possibly a E and a C entwined in a circle. Does someone have more information about that pistol? When was it manufactured and where? I was told that this pistol is a WWII vet bringback it came with a reddish/brown holster. Thanks in advance.

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    Your pistol was made by Esperanza y Unceta (Astra) prior to WWI, in the era from 1911 to 1914. The monogram emblem you see is a fancy "EU" - also, the "Hope" trademark is the English translation of "Esperanza". These were manufactured in the Eibar region of Spain.

    As to the holster, vet bring back story, etc. - who knows? Many of the Spanish handguns of this era ended up in France during WWI, and resurfaced for use in WWII.
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    Thanks for a prompt reply, much appreciated. You're right, the letters on the grip panels are E and U. I assume production of the Model 1911 Victoria pistol ended about 1914 so Astra could manufacture Rubys for France.

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