Refinishing options: Gunkote, Ceracoat, or Duracoat?
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Thread: Refinishing options: Gunkote, Ceracoat, or Duracoat?

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    Question Refinishing options: Gunkote, Ceracoat, or Duracoat?

    About a year ago I bought a sight unseen IJ-18AH hi cap makarov from the Trader from Deiselnut, and when I received it was not in good shape. I think it has been painted with some poor quality finish. While the internals look good, I assume the blue was poor on this commerical version. On the plus side I did not pay alot and the rear sight is an upgraded rounded and adjustble one.

    I want to strip the old finish off and re-do it. About a year and a half ago I ruined a Bulgarian Makarov trying to parkerize it, so I am not going to do that gain.

    First I need to disassemble it, then I need to get the old finish off. Once it is stripped, what would you do to finish it? My local gun shop wants $150 to Duracoat the frame and slide in one color.

    My options:

    Ceracoat ( not my first choice )

    Duracoat (currently in first place, no baking )

    Gun Kote ( second place, requires baking at 300 F and applying at 100 F )

    I have no trouble doing a complete disassembly. I know prep is 95% of the finished product.

    Do you need to polish the surface prior to coating?

    I have the ability to sand blast.

    Thank you in advance for your opinions.


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    Take a look here, I asked a similar question a little while ago.

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    You ever try browning like the old muzzleloaders? Beautiful finish when done right. I have it on a half dozen muzzleloaders and it is real easy to do. Prep is important to get a smooth chocolaty finish. Then just brown(rust) using browning solution until the desired depth is accomplished. All you do is smooth it between coats with fine steel wool.

    It would make a very pretty interesting choice I think.

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    Get a hold of jcrntx. He is a member of this board and has done a bunch of cz-82's and others. He does this as a service and has an ad on I won't post a link just go there and do a search for either his same name or for duracoat. I will post a link to some picture of some of his work. He does an excellent job.

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