Recollections of a Veteran of WWII
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Thread: Recollections of a Veteran of WWII

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    Default Recollections of a Veteran of WWII

    This site is a book - 30 chapters - about Bob Gallagher's recollections of his service in the Second World War. He didn't storm any bunkers or capture a battalion of infantry. He was an anti-aircraft gunner, and his enlistment came up in 1944 - after a lot of the hardships of the war. On the other hand his recollections are remarkably clear (I think) and not self-promoting. He wrote like what he is - an engineer - but the book is entertaining and fascinating in its recollection of minutiae.
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    Thanks for the link.

    I just got finished reading it. I liked that he gave an insight as to what life for him was like just before and after the war. Lots of detail.

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