1947 Brno Model 21 8x57s price check...
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    Default 1947 Brno Model 21 8x57s price check...

    Hi guys,
    I saw an interesting post war Czech rifle at a gunshow today. I believe it's a Brno Model 21 in 8x57s caliber made in '47. It had an Optikotechna 4x6 scope mounted to it via claw mounts.It also sported dual set triggers and a schnabel forend. The piece rates 90%+ and has a pristine bore. The scope's rear bell has some light rust. It comes with the original sling ,soft carrying case and the Czech bill of sale and export papers made out to a USA(A)F Lieutenant stationed in Germany. Also included in the deal is a CZ 241 automatic shotgun dated '48. The seller is asking $1300.I can't find anything in any of my price guides on either of these two pieces.Can anyone venture a value? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks & best regards,

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    The standard 21F is typically in the $800 to $1200 range (based on condition). If both are offered for $1300 then I think it is a fair deal.

    Wanted Czech rifles, especially a Bolivian, a Uruguayan, a Columbian or any Spanish language receiver rail marked rifle.

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