disassembly and reassembly of winchester 9422?
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Thread: disassembly and reassembly of winchester 9422?

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    Default disassembly and reassembly of winchester 9422?

    hello. i have a 9422 and the trigger is extremely bad. could someone please tell me the best way on how to get the hammer out and put it back in. i could have a go myself but im not very familiar with lever actions so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alec

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    i would spend the money and have a gunsmith with trigger know how do the job. it may cost 30-50 dollars,but it would be done right. years ago i lightened the trigger on a marlin 336 lever action and it became unsafe as i changed the angle of the sear notch and trigger tip in my attempt to lighten the trigger. in the end it cost more than a good trigger job after buying new parts. just my thoughts,good luck.eastbank.

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