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    Remington/Baikal 12Ga Coach gun. Other designators are Remington SPR220F and Baikal IZH-43KH.

    Gun Info:

    Only 6 rounds fired. Federal 00Buck (9 pellet flight control wad) printed a pop can hole at 7 yds and pie plate size group at 25yds!

    This model has the REAL WORKING HAMMERS or "Mule Ears". (There are other models in which the hammers are only decoration, but whats the fun in that?)

    Removable chokes, Full and Mod included. (Yeah, a coach gun with chokes is pretty cool)
    The stock has nice "fiddleback" grain, checkering is very nice, and was done nicely with hand rubbed oil finish.

    Installed Kick-Eez recoil pad. Pad does not fit stock perfectly, but is a very close fit. Regular stock plate included.

    Action: Built like a brick sh*t house and breaks open smooth as butter. (There are reports that some of these were, "stiff" not the case with this one)

    There are two small rub marks on the barrel bluing at the muzzles. (were there when I bought it new)

    $485 shipped, OBO. Trade for M1903A3.

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