M95 Steyr action + Mosin barrel?
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Thread: M95 Steyr action + Mosin barrel?

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    frown M95 Steyr action + Mosin barrel?

    I woulds like to convert my Steyr M95 straight pull (sporterized) to 7.62x54R Russian using a surplus Mosin-Nagant barrel (which I don't have yet). Would that be a relatively easy job for a good gunsmith? He is experienced with Mausers but knows little about Steyrs and Mosins. Comments welcome.
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    well, I know this conversion has been done. the rounds feed from the magazine with only a little bending on the bottom to hold them snug. My gunsmith tells me the threads are not unlike the Mauser threads and I have no idea how that relates to Mosin threads. In theory he's doing exactly this to one of my M95s now, but I've been having a little difficulty in getting straight status. Well, I say doing this and all I know for fact is he has a .310 7.62x54R barrel. Where it came from I don't know. If I get more info I'll post again.

    there is another thread titled something like Rebarreling the M95 and one of the posts details the threading needed.

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    I thought I had found a replacement M95 RIFLE barrel, but the seller was wrong. I had a thread about using a Mosin barrel or something, but the idea just doesn't seem to fly. I have all the makings of a rilfe except a barrel.
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