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    Default FN-49 stock source

    I've got an Egyptian FN-49 in 8mm that is a Century rebuild. I took it out of the safe this past weekend to stretch its legs at the local rifle range and found a hairline crack developing along the right side finger groove. Anyone know of a source for a replacement stock, preferably original but will settle for anything at this point?
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    Try Sarco. They list FN49 stocks for sale.
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    Sarco only lists the 30-06 stocks and when I have ordered FN49 parts from them in the past they lost the order twice and I gave up on them. Numrich has them and they are easy to order from but they are also the 30-06 Belgian/Lux contract version. Not sure exactly the difference between the 8mm and 30-06 stocks are, my FN49s are buried in the back of the safe and I can't dig them out right now. Maybe Goose will have some info.


    Since you already have a Century rebuild why not try drilling the crack and using epoxy to put a wooden plug in to stop the crack? There are some pretty good tutorials on crack fixing various places online and you would still have the correct stock for the rifle.

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    I have an FN-49 stock that I'd be willing to sell. Are you interested? Send me PM.

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    FN-original stocks for Egyptian contract rifles are not available. As mentioned - you might try working with the stock on the rifle. Is the current stock an original FN with the brass buttplate and brass unit disc, or the Century beechwood repro stock (with no brass disc)?

    .30-06 stocks can be made to work, and require modification to fit the Egyptian contract receiver.

    The modifications required are to deal with:

    Crossbolt/recoil lug
    Trigger guard rear screw bushing (if necessary)
    Safety axis shaft clearance cut (if necessary)

    The used 30-06 stocks that are available (take-offs from Belgian contract rifles) will usually have a crossbolt. The Crown-crested Egyptian contract receivers do not have a clearance cut for the crossbolt - you either mill the receiver to clear, remove the crossbolt and plug the holes, or just grind away the crossbolt internally (most people choose the latter).

    The rear TG screw bushing sits flush with the upper and lower bedding surfaces on the early stocks. The later 30-06 stocks will usually have the bushing standing proud (above the bedding surface) both upper and lower - the bushing has to be removed, shortened, and reinserted.

    Safety clearance cut. The early TG assemblies had the safety axis shaft (opposite end from the lever) project from the side of the TG - the stock had a clearance cut at this point. Later stocks, inlet for the later TG assembly, did not have this cut.

    After you take care of the above items, a 30-06 stock on an Egyptian contract rifle gives you at least an FN-produced walnut stock, but with the wrong buttplate, with the remnants of a crossbolt, and with inletting gaps at the rear and sides of the TG assembly (due to contour differences between the early and later TG assemblies).

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    Gunlover, as Goose has said, if your stock is one of the 'original' ones, even in tough condition it would hold its value over one of the "shoe polish" finished replacements that CAI stuck on a lot of them and that's especially true if it has the stock disk in place. Regarding the hairline crack developing, it's an easy fix to arrest that from getting worse. Just do what you can to open it up a bit and drizzle a little CA (cyanacrolate adhesive) in there and let it close on itself. That CA will not let it go any further.


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