I'm selling my incomplete Mauser project. It consists of a Brazilian 08/34 Mauser barreled reciever chambered in 30-06, the magazine of a K98 Mauser with winter trigger guard. Included is a complete bolt for a Mod 98 Mauser in good condition with a straight handle (not sure of the country of origin but I believe the 08/34 had a curved bolt originally). Has the trigger assembly. I'm missing a couple small parts like the magazine follower, the bolt stop, and the forward screw that attaches the magazine to the reciever. I must have lost those small parts but other then that it is complete.

The reciever has some marks and light surface pitting right at the woodline but should clean up nice. The barrel also has some surface pitting but none inside and the rifling looks good so it might be fine as a sporter with the original barrel. Perfect for a large ring 98 Mauser project and already chambered in 30-06, the bolt and magazine are in great shape.

$200 + shipping obo (I'd prefer to sell it all at once but I'd consider selling parts seperately if it doesn't sell as a package)

Next is a large-ring 98 Mauser barrel chambered in 8mm-06. It is 23" long, has strong rifling and an excellent bluing job. A nice barrel in a caliber that caught my interest for a Mauser sporter project. $100 shipped obo

Last is a 23" Remington 700 stainless steel barrel chambered in 7mm Rem Mag. Never used. $75 shipped obo

PM if you're interested. First "I'll take it" gets it.


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