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    Default 6.8 SPC Colt AR Upper

    Anyone know about this round? I heard that the US Military was going to go to this !! I picked this up recently and was going to try it out until I found out how much the ammo costs so I put it on GB. I am no target shooter but like to blast at tin cans and such with my SMG. It always gets the snowbirds who mutter, "Some people know how to waste money". I reply that if I miss on the first round, I have 31 more chances and in a very short time period. BB

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    Its a nice caliber but about a 1.00 a rd I skipped building mine as well. Brass is about 45 cents a piece. Just too pricey for me.
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    My understanding is that some special forces groups have tried this round in the field, It has received mixed reviews.
    Myself when I researched getting an AR platform in another calibure chose the 6.5 Grendel over the 6.8 SPC, ammo for either calibure can be made for other cases so if you load your own ammo isn't as expensive.
    I'm sure it will work out well for you, and if not there are many people that like the 6.8 so you should be able to sell it without problems.

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    First, if you go 6.8SPC you need to reload. Besides the cost the Rem factory ammo is real anemic and Remington seems to have done their best to kill this round by ignoring its development by the AR community.
    Second, you need the right chamber and a slow twist, 11.25 seems to be the best. 10 or tighter will run up pressures and slow down the bullets. The original Remington chamber standardized by SAAMI was too tight and either the SPCII or DRM chambers work better.
    Even with a 10 twist the 6.8SPC will give 3000 fps with a 90 grain bullet and 2700 fps with a 110 grain, well over 5.56 performance. The 6.8 isn't as sensitive to barrel length as the 5.56 and a carbine length gives excellent performance.

    The problem with the 6.5 Grendel is the magazine. It's low capacity and very expensive. The 6.8 uses a very slightly wider 5.56 magazine, cheap because it can be made on the same tooling, and only gives up 5 rounds, 25 vs 30 for the 5.56

    The best source of info is 68forums.com http://68forums.com/forums/index.php
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