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    This rifle historic rifle has a great wood, neat cartouche on the right side and hardware intact. Mum looks good as does most of the metal.

    Parts all match except the bolt. It doesn't have a complete bolt, a rear site, or a cleaning rod. There is a crack in the stock and I can't see inside the bore very well and don't know the condition.

    Photos are on my photobucket at

    Given all of the above, what RANGE do you generally think this is worth. I'm thinking of auctioning it.

    I appreciate whatever insight you gents can provide.


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    If you are using an auction to sell, it really doesn't matter what we think; the auction will get you the market price.

    In my experience Muratas are slow to sell for what they are 'worth', cause not too many people want or know what they are.

    I know this doesn't help much; but 'value' or 'worth' questions just don't have answers; could be $200 to $1000.
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    In my opinion, with no rear sight, incomplete bolt and a cracked stock, what you have is a very poor parts gun. Value to me would be in 03man's low range. Maybe $200 to $300.

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