**trying to identify ammo projectile markings**
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Thread: **trying to identify ammo projectile markings**

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    Default **trying to identify ammo projectile markings**

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ID:	365745This projectile was made in the USA in the 30's or 40's. It is @ 9" long @3" wide, @ 9 1/4" around. I don't have a scale, but would say it weighs @ 15lbs. give or take a few... It does have the copper "driving Band" in place, and 1/2" hollowed out hole in the rear center. The Markings I see are above the hole on the bottom and are Definitely a capital G, and either a 9, or a lower cased g or maybe a y...The second is hard to make out.. So it either says G 9, G g, G y. I will try to get better pics if I can.. I thank you all for any feedback you may have. I just want to know what shot this Rather large piece. Thanks for your time!
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    Could be from any of several US atillery pieces in use at that time - 75mm Mle 1897 ("French 75"), one of the 3" field pieces or tank/anti-tank guns, 3" AAA gun, 75mm howitzer or pack howitzer...
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