Looking for Remington Keene disassembly/assembly instructions
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Thread: Looking for Remington Keene disassembly/assembly instructions

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    Default Looking for Remington Keene disassembly/assembly instructions

    Hey gang,

    Acquired a new toy but need to clean out all the Vaseline the previous owner slathered all over it. Yes, you heard me Vaseline. I cannot find anything in my own library or on the web. Any assist would be much appreciated. I will post pics when I get her degreased.

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    Hi RP,
    Congratulations on your new aquisition! Did this rifle come out of Georgia? The way to remove the bolt is by removing the screw on the right side of the stock between the trigger and the bolt. This screw is reverse threaded so to unscrew it you have to turn it clockwise. It is kind of hard to turn because it is under tension from a leaf spring that also operates the loading/lift gate and the trigger. It is a little tricky to put it all back together because you have to line up the lifter with the screw access hole while you're reinserting the screw and tighten it by turning it counterclockwise. I would love to see pictures of your rifle when you get a chance to post them.
    Good luck!

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