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    I recently purchased a H&R hand gun (haven't received it yet) and based on the information from the seller (noted below) after brushing the bore (as requested) I should be able to take this handgun directly to a gun range and fire it. Agree or disagree?

    Note: The seller did not show in his photos or give the year or serial number of this handgun but he did show what appeared to be 'modern day' ammo laid out around it.

    This is the sellers discription:
    Here is a MODEL 04, 6 shot, solid frame revolver chambered in 32 S&W LONG, made by H&R. The action is crisp and tight, retains 95% nickel with some freckling, and the grips are excellent with no chips or cracks. All markings sharp and clear. Bore has sharp rifling with minor roughjness that should improve with some brushing.

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    if , it is in described condition

    you should be able to shoot it.


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    Just make sure your ammo is midrange and not "Hot"......
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    H&R model 4 - .32 S&W cal., 6 shot, 2˝, 4˝ or 6 in. barrel, pull pin cylinder release, blue or nickel finish, hard rubber target logo grips, marked with company name and address on left side of barrel and on top strap in two lines "H&R DOUBLE ACTION MODEL 04 .32 6 SHOT", after 1930 listed in catalogs as: H&R MODEL 4 DOUBLE ACTION No. 80 .32 S&W Long Caliber 6 shot. Mfg. 1905-1941.

    Note, .32 S&W long is not the same cartridge as the .32 H&R magnum or the .327 magnum.
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    What Alan said.

    I have had trouble explaining to people on a couple of occasions that, “Yes, that is an H&R revolver. And Yes, it is 32 cal. But No, you cannot shot 32 H&R magnums out of it.”

    If you have a box of 32 S&W ammo, (sometimes called 32 S&W Short) you can shoot that in it.

    Please let us know how it dose.

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