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ID:	395457This review is a little delayed as I have had this pistol in my grubby mitts for well over a year now. However after plinking several thousand rounds through it I think I may now write a qualified review on it.
The model is the SP22 M2. It is the 6" barrel model without the target trigger, more on that later.
The pistol is well finished, or at least as well as plastic and aluminum can be. It fits together well and looks good too. It fits my average sized hand very well and balances nicely too. The sights are low grade, but fully adjustable for elevation and azimuth.
On to the trigger...the trigger feels very nice on your finger, the blade of the trigger is broad and serrated and is quite comfortable. Thats the end of the positive stuff on the trigger for now. The magazine release is an old fashioned european style release at the base of the magazine well. It is pretty easy to operate, but a push button release might have been nicer.
The pistol was in a pretty standard black plastic hard case, it included a spare magazine and all necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble the pistol.

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Now that the cosmetics and touchy feely part is covered, how did it do at the range?

The first time I took this pistol to the range I liked it. The balance was great, the functionality was superb, the sights were easy to pick up and use. The trigger was disgustingly bad. Even with a horrible trigger though the pistol does shoot very well. On the first time I shot the pistol I was easily placing sub 1" groups with it at 25 yards. I started out shooting remington bulk ammunition and it performed flawlessly...the pistol, not the ammo. I had two failures to fire, which I attributed to ammunition as they were hard struck but had failed to discharge.

I then proceeded to try various different brands of ammunition through this pistol. CCI mini mags, Federal bulk ammo, Eley Club and Tenex, and some Aguila that I have had laying around for longer than I care to remember now. Not one single failure with any of that ammo. I even had a box of ancient winchester "western" branded ammo that I put through it without a single problem.

By the end of the first range visit the pistol had fired 550 rounds of Remington bulk, 50 rounds of CCI mini-mags, 500 rounds of Federal bulk, 20 (or so) rounds of Aguila, 50 each of Tenex and Club and about 100 rounds of "Western". Got to love shooting .22LR's...

Since that day this pistol has been taken to the range 14-15 times and has now fired many thousands of bulk ammo. It has been thrown in the bottom of my tackle box and has taken care of a couple of cottonmouths and a couple of squirrels and rabbits too for the pot.

If I had to do it all over again, would I buy this pistol? I don't know. The trigger is as irritating as listening to my daughter sing (think monotone hannah montana songs), but the rest of the pistol is a delight. I could have bought a browning buckmark for around the same price, maybe I should have, but the Walther just felt better to me. My dad has a buckmark that I bought him for christmas 15 years or so ago and its a great pistol and shoots good, but it was heavier and didn't feel as good...except the trigger. I looked at the Beretta Neos, the Buckmark, The S&W Model 22A and the Ruger 22 pistols when I bought it, and the Walther just felt better than all of them. I think if I had to do it all over again that I might have just saved my money for another few months and bought the SP22 M4 with the target trigger. I think Walther has a good pistol in the SP22, but I do think they are doing shooters quite a disservice by fielding the SP22 M1 and M2 pistols with their horrible triggers. Walther should have just put the good trigger on all of them and sold them at the same price break as the M1's and M2's are at now...there surely couldn't have been that much difference in the manufacturing price.

I bought a set of hi-viz sights for this pistol after a short while, they are great and quite inexpensive from Walther USA's website.

On to a small matter that I experienced with this pistol though...and the thing that really got under my skin. I decided to use the online registration for the warranty when I bought the pistol. Since then the [expletive deleted] people at Smith and Wesson (Walther's US distributors) have been bombarding my email inbox with unwanted spam. If I wanted to buy a Smith and Wesson I would own one, there is a complete absence of the Smith and Wesson brand in my gunsafe and most likely always will be, I don't like their products and I especially don't like having my privacy violated in an attempt to market products.