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    Hello Gents!

    Well, the wife is off to visit the in and out-laws for a few days and thought I would do a couple of fun things with these bayonets. Got them all set and went to get the camera...., gone.

    So I'm left with the 10 year old digital that doesn't take photos worth a $%$# anymore. Anyhow, will try again when she gets home. Regardless, here are five WW1 Era modified French Mle1874 Gras Bayonets. From top to bottom:

    1. German modified for the I.G. 71. Only fits the 1871 Rifle and has the remnants of a worn or poorly stamped Imperial Eagle next to the press stud.

    2. German modified, fits the I.G.71, I.G.71/84 and the Gew.88.

    3. German modified, fits only the I.G.71/84 with a modified (shortened) bayonet band bar.

    4. Irish UVF modified for the Gew.88

    5. Belgian modified to fit the Belgian 1889 Mauser with the extra wartime bayonet bar added to the upper band.

    Hopefully you can see some of the details. More later....

    Best regards!
    - Mike
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