To the shooting and loading crowd,

With the price of ammo, powder, primers continuously climbing, and the many different lots of surplus ammunition showing up, I finally got to the point where I wanted to keep better records of what I was buying, what I was making, and what I was shooting. I've been through the budget chronographs, and finally got my act together to get myself an Oehler.

I see where some shooters have been waiting for Oehler to stock these again.

I just bought an 35P with a bunch of spares, and it is in stock right now, and at my request, my order will be shipped just in time for my return to US soil.

So, if anyone wants one, call Gary now.

I have attached the pertinent part of his correspondence, and I honestly believe that Oehler will support us, if we keep them busy.

Ned [By the way, I don't know anyone at Oehler, don't make a dime from them, and have no dog in this fight.]

Your order is confirmed and has been marked to ship after 14-MAR-11. A UPS tracking number will be emailed so you can determine what day it will be out on the brown truck for delivery.

Your new 35P comes with a three year warranty. Parts, service, and phone support always has been and will continue to be provided. Production of the 35P and Model 43 PBL "handloader" units was suspended for a few years, our core business is industrial and military systems and a new family of industrial instrumentation products is rolling out from Oehler this year.

We did not want to bring back the 35P unless it could be backed by the extravagant service and support that has been Oehler's hallmark for almost fifty years and additional staff has allowed that to happen. So, while the M-43 PBL is still at this time "suspended", the 35P is back for a special run. How long, which handloader models will be available in the future, etc., these decisions have been kicked down the road to a later date. All we can say right now is if you want an original Oehler 35P, don't procrastinate for too long.

We have been very pleased with the response to this special run and we have 35P's in stock, so please spread the word to any and all. We appreciate your support and trust you will find ours completely satisfactory.

Best regards,
Gary Stafford
Oehler Research, Inc.